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Our goal at the Carraway Center is to understand how students learn best and to equip them with specific strategies needed to be successful on the ISEE. We believe there are different approaches and strategies for different kinds of thinkers.  We focus on getting to know how each individual student thinks, processes information, and recalls concepts. During instruction, we focus on building an understanding of how to best approach the different kinds of questions and content presented on the ISEE. Because our goal is to develop critical thinking abilities, we teach students how to take different perspectives, how to look at questions analytically, and how to implement different approaches while solving problems. All instruction at the Carraway Center is based on the latest cognitive and neuroscience research on how the brain learns and the ISEE Prep Course is written by Kimberly Carraway, a Harvard trained Cognitive Learning Specialist.



Our experienced instructors:

  • Teach students how to use their strengths to their advantage

  • Work the problems with the students 

  • Model how to approach the questions 

  • Teach students to identify patterns and common types of problems

  • Identify weak content areas and provide instruction in these domains 

  • Teach students to think like the test designers

  • Help students create strategy notebooks


Strategies provided for: 

  • Vocabulary, Sentence Completion, Reading Comprehension, Writing & Math 

  • Eliminating wrong answer choices

  • Time management 

  • Reading questions carefully 

  • Staying focused 

  • Thinking critically & dealing with test anxiety 

  • Developing a personal preparation plan for each student based on their strengths and weaknesses 


The ISEE course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the ISEE. Sessions focus on specific strategies for each section of the ISEE, general standardized test-taking strategies, and suggestions for further preparation. We will cover vocabulary, sentence completion exercises, critical reading strategies, quantitative reasoning, mathematics and essay writing. We will look at strategies for taking the test in person and digitally. Upon completion of the group sessions, the instructor will provide specific feedback to the student and the parent identifying how to best address the student’s specific needs. Individual sessions can be scheduled during or following the group sessions to provide more concentrated teaching in specific areas of weakness. 


COST: $285 Course 


LOCATION:  Carraway Center 

DATES: Dates beginning in October

TIMES: 5:30-6:30 pm

Individual ISEE Sessions

Contact the Carraway Center to learn more about scheduling individual sessions or scheduling a practice ISEE test. 

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Courses & Individual Tutoring 

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